• William F. Schneller, Ph.D.

    Email @ Schneller@rcn.com

    William F. Schneller, Ph.D.Credentials

    • Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology
    • Licensed Psychologist, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    • Over 30 years in mental health including:
    • Director of Psychology at Allentown State Hospital & Clinical
    • Director of Philadelphia Suburban Psychological Associates
    • Certified Focusing-oriented Psychotherapist
    • Intensively Trained in DBT
    • Adjunct Professor of Counseling Psychology at Chestnut Hill College
    • Private Practice psychotherapist for adults and adolescents, specializing in Focusing-oriented therapy approach

    In my over 35 years of experience in clinical psychology, I have learned and practiced a variety of helpful theories and techniques in psychotherapy. Still the essence of successful therapy to me seems to include creating a safe and trusting relationship between client and therapist and learning to embrace one’s life experience without defenses, invalidation or harmful belief systems. Finding and accepting one’s unique inner truth via the Focusing process becomes a freeing experience, leading to acceptance of living in the present, while insuring the greatest likelihood of making an unending series of the “next best decisions” for our future. In the safe and accepting therapeutic interaction we can learn the process of trusting our inner bodily awareness and wisdom to guide our living in a richness of experience that is so simple yet so profound and satisfying.