• Radical Acceptance of Everything: A Most Helpful Attitude

    by James E. Strohl, Ed.D.

    May 2015


    There is much evidence that the application of “radical acceptance” effectively releases and transforms acute and chronic patterns of negativity, pain, and suffering into more positive experiences. The natural tendency of energy and consciousness is to flow and change. This natural flowing energy is emotionally perceived as satisfying, pleasurable, and positive. The perception of negativity emerges when we resist or block the natural flow of energy and consciousness. Radical acceptance is an effective antidote to negativity because the infusion of loving, nonresistant, allowing, and accepting streams of energy supports the relaxing and releasing of energy blocks and resistances. Transforming blocked energy back to its natural flowing state results in more positive perceptional experiencing.

    An attitude of radical acceptance (also called love) is known to provide an ample supply of contrasting dynamic, positive flow to encourage even the strongest elements of resistance (lack of love) to release, shift, dissolve, and eventually realign with nature’s natural flow of positive energy and stream of consciousness. Knowing this is especially helpful when we are unable to successfully redirect our attention away from strong, rigid, negative thought patterns toward more positive patterns. The power of negative thoughts is diminished by bringing an attitude of receptivity, acceptance, and love to them. By doing so the natural transformation to a positive, nonresistant flow of energy is greatly enhanced.

    In conclusion, the attitude of radical acceptance can be viewed as an energetic introduction or inclusion of positively charged elements of love and freedom into energy patterns that are non-accepting and resisting the natural flow of the universe. This introduction of positive, flowing energy relaxes and dissolves resistances and blocks that have been causing negativity, pain, and suffering by inhibiting the natural inclination of energy and consciousness to move and change. Radical acceptance will positively transform even the strongest, most rigid and resistant energy patterns freeing them to return to their natural state of movement, flow, and creative expression.