• Multidimensional Spiritual Psychology

    by James Strohl, Ed.D.

    Multidimensional Spiritual Psychology (MSP) is a comprehensive model of human functioning that integrates the physical, psychological, and spiritual elements of human existence. MSP is unique in that it helps us understand the influences from this life as well as other multidimensional influences that affect our ongoing living experience.

    Multidimensional Spiritual Psychology is guided by the belief that, within each of us, there is a sacred source of unlimited wisdom, support, and guidance. MSP teaches us to align our earthly life with this sacred aspect of our being in order to better solve problems and live happier lives.

    For most of us, conscious connection with this internal source of unlimited resources is blocked by fears, doubts, and distortions. MSP provides tools for dismissing negativity, thus freeing us from the blocks, resistances, and distortions that inhibit our experience of peace and fulfillment that are part of our natural heritage as human beings. MSP also helps us reconnect and align with this vital source of sustenance by providing opportunities for direct experiencing of our deepest truth.

    MSP views humans as multidimensional entities composed of numerous forms and levels of consciousness, as well as energy, thoughts, feelings, and physical substance. Understanding that human consciousness exists in many realities at once, this model takes into account the here-and-now influences of the multidimensional aspects that comprise the totality of our being. Furthermore, knowing that the fundamental human elements of spirit, body, mind, and emotions mutually exist in a dynamic relationship, MSP recognizes the importance for these elements to be positively aligned in order for true happiness and fulfillment to occur.

    The MSP model adheres to the belief that everything in existence is a creative expression of Source, Pure Consciousness, or God. Since human beings are considered physical expressions of Source, then humans can accurately be viewed as spiritual beings having physical experiences.

    In brief, MSP promotes the development of an intimate relationship between the physical and spiritual elements of our being. MSP is committed to accessing and honoring moment-to-moment experiencing, empowering each person to follow their truth to the best of their ability, and acknowledging and respecting individual differences.

    More on Multidimensionality

    Human beings are considered multidimensional entities because, while living our lives on earth, we simultaneously maintain physical and nonphysical presences or aspects of ourselves in many other realities. All of these presences, including our current human one, are conscious components or aspects of a larger, super-conscious multidimensional self which is sometimes called inner being or soul. Even though these aspects of our multidimensional inner being are manifesting in numerous different physical and nonphysical worlds, they can communicate and influence each other while also retaining a deep and abiding connection to inner being.

    Therefore, human consciousness is simply one expression of a larger consciousness or multidimensional self that simultaneously manifests itself in many other realities at the same time that we are living our lives here on earth. Hence, in the largest sense, each one of us is a multidimensional being living in multiple dimensions or realities at once.

    It is important to note that portions of our inner being or multidimensional self retain conscious awareness of their ongoing, intimate relationship with the Source while our outer being or ego personality remains focused in physical reality. Consequently, by improving our relationship with our inner being we become increasingly aware of our connection to Source while, at the same time, retaining our focus in physical reality.

    Indeed, through an enhanced relationship with inner being and Source we can know our true nature and draw on the wisdom and guidance of this innermost part of our multidimensional being to resolve conflicts and ultimately achieve peace and happiness on earth. We can bridge the separation that creates so much pain and turmoil for most people. We can use the wisdom and guidance of the inner, spiritual part of our being to support and guide our human day-to-day functioning.

    As small infants we instinctively knew this connection with the Source of our being. Soon thereafter, our earth-focused personality became absorbed in physical existence and gradually forgot this connection. This separation from our true nature is the cause of deep angst, turmoil, and suffering. Thankfully, we currently have methods available to help us remember this relationship, reestablish our connection, and utilize the infinite resources of our internal, spiritual Self. The methods of the MSP model are specifically designed to achieve these objectives.

    The application of MSP methods

    The practical application of MSP starts with creating a safe, supportive environment in which deeper levels of self-trust and acceptance are developed within a state of present-centered mindfulness called “loving presence”. MSP stresses the importance of taking full responsibility for ourselves and for the realities we create in order to eliminate suffering.

    Recognizing and attuning to our natural state of “loving presence” is a fundamental and vital element of the MSP method of healing. Presence experiencing requires aligning ourselves with the unchanging, ever-present, conscious, observing, aware elements of our being. When functioning from a state of presence objects in our awareness are engaged in a patient, kind, nonjudgmental, curious, receptive manner.

    Present moment experiencing frees us from the pain of past memories and the fear of future fantasies. This state allows us to view experience from a wider, more inclusive perspective and from a quieter, more relaxed state of consciousness from which deeper levels of divine wisdom can emerge. When functioning in a state of presence, feelings of peace, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and joy are common. When bringing loving presence to an experience healing tends to spontaneously occur.

    In gentle, comfortable ways, the MSP processes open us to deeper realizations of truth and reality, and encourage us to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It teaches us to always express our truth in constructive ways to the best of our ability. The aim of MSP is increased spontaneity, creativity, self-empowerment, and well-being, along with the ultimate goal of achieving true freedom, i.e., the freedom to reflect our deepest truth and not depend on our environment to affirm us.

    MSP methods teach us to dissolve the psychological and emotional distortions, blocks, and resistances that interfere with our ability to see reality clearly and disrupt our access to the spiritual elements of our being that support and guide our earthly existence. Using MSP processes, we learn to place the physical, psychological and social elements of life into positive alignment with the infinite wisdom and guidance available from our nonphysical, multidimensional self.

    More specifically, MSP promotes here-and-now experiencing of personal experiences, emotions, memories, sensations, beliefs, desires, and expectations using Focusing, Loving Presence, and other mindfulness-based approaches. The objective of this experiencing is to bring greater clarity to one’s conflicts, worries, and problems in a way that promotes lasting change and healing.

    In some ways, MSP healing and growth processes can be divided into two phases – the internal work and then the outer work. The first phase addresses the self and the deepest internal realities. This includes clearing the defenses within the self and allowing the true self to emerge. The second phase deals with the self in relationship to the world in which we live. This includes learning how to respond to the world around us.

    The second phase involves working through unconscious social myths that are held by all human beings as well as our own personal experiences of this life. In order to respond to people according to our own individuality we must understand the society we live within. We must come to terms with what is real and illusional in how society responds to life. This entire process essentially restructures our consciousness on a fundemental level. These changes allow us to respond spontaneously to other people, as well as to life in general, according to our own individuality.

    In summary, MSP incorporates gentle, comfortable, safe ways of helping us bridge the gap between outer personality and inner spiritual being so we can better utilize this vital source of sustenance and healing found inside. It helps us know where we are from, why we are here, where we are going, and the true nature of our reality. In terms of human psychology, MSP assists us in diminishing our fears, wounds, and distortions so we can live with increased pleasure, creativity and freedom to be our True Selves. The methods of MSP gently guide all elements of our being into greater alignment in a way that increases access to our full potential for happiness and fulfillment. The ultimate goal of MSP is achievement of a state of peace and harmony with ourselves, others, and God.

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