We offer psycho-spiritual services that address the moral, religious, and spiritual influences on one's psychological and behavioral functioning with a special emphasis on transcendental forces and values. 

    • Our services are not restricted to any specific religious faith or spiritual orientations.
    • We do not impose any specific spiritual or philosophical values or beliefs.

    Our counseling, coaching, and educational services are for those:

    (1) experiencing a spiritual/religious/existential crisis or concern.

    (2) seeking psycho-spiritual growth.

    (3) wishing to integrate spirituality into everyday life in a more tangible, effective way.

    We view all humans, animals, plants, and natural objects as being part of a larger vital force or universal spirit.  This nonphysical force is believed to contain an unlimited source of guidance and wisdom that people can learn to access and utilize more efficiently to guide their lives.  We are committed to helping others transcend the common restrictions of ego-based functioning and awaken to a life of greater freedom, peace, and love. 

  • For More Information & Services

    For more information regarding our Psycho-Spiritual Services or to make an appointment, please contact Dr. James Strohl, Director, Center for Psychological Development.

  • Individual Psycho-Spiritual Sessions

    Psycho-spiritual counseling and coaching sessions are offered both in person and by phone. 

    What you will experience in a session:

    • A safe, supportive environment maintained throughout the session.
    • Guidance to a state of present-centered mindfulness called "Loving Presence".
    • Increased levels of self-trust, acceptance, and forgiveness.
    • Increased comfort with internal processing.
    • Removal of judgments, doubts, guilt and fear.
    • Comfortable, safe ways to access strong negative feelings.
    • Effective ways of dismissing negative thoughts and feelings.
    • Improved conflict resolution ability.
    • Healing of multidimensional influences on your life.
    • Undoing/deconstruction of restrictive ego-based thinking.
    • Strengthening of our inner, unchanging, true self.
    • Increased peace, freedom, happiness, and love.
    • Greater alignment of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
    • Wise ways to express your individuality constructively.

    Typical goals include:

    • Increased peace and harmony with self, others, and God.
    • Deeper realization of truth & reality.
    • Improved ability to create desired realities.
    • Diminished feelings of anxiety & depression
    • Increased self-responsibility and self-acceptance.
    • Enhanced sense of self-empowerment & well-being.
    • Greater stress tolerance
    • Increased spontaneity and creativity.
    • Improved interpersonal relationships
    • Improved decision-making and conflict resolution abilities.

    For an appointment or to receive more information about private sessions, call 610-861-7580 or email Dr. Strohl at info@cpd3.com.

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ... more information regarding psycho-spiritual services and events offered by Dr. Strohl is available at www.JamesStrohl.com.